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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I own a Subaru STI 2007 (GDB) for EU market. From the factory it runs on the EJ257 engine. Currently I'm building an EJ207 Engine with 2.2 stroker kit, and the goal is to reach 400 WHP. I would like to know, which Link ECU model will perfectly fit to the EJ207 preset? And what potential reworks might I face?
  2. Hi all, just finish an intake swap on my 1999 Sti and I'm trying the first start. I'm using the 2005 intake and the major differences are the ISC Solenoid, fuel injectors (sti top feed pink) and the individual coils. Did a try today but no success. I'm seeing a log or Trigger Errors, not sure if it could be my problem or would be something else. What I did was merge my current configuration with the Subaru V7 Base map. I thought that changing the fuel injector and coil configuration would be enough to start the engine with the new mods. Any clue?
  3. I have followed the set-up guide for MAP, triggers etc. There are no errors and the engine cranks. but doesn't catch. I've been reading about the Subaru immobiliser setup and it reportedly relies on three elements with matching codes to start the car: Key with chip, ignition barrel with immobiliser and ECU. If one of these does not match, the immobiliser cuts the fuel and power to the spark plugs, which leaves the engine cranking, but not firing. Considering I have good fuel pressure, coils are new, as are the spark plugs I'm fairly confident the issue is somehow related to the immobilise
  4. Hi there all, i am facing a problem that i can not solve and i would like to know if anyone has face anything like this before. I am having the oem ecu and i am running with it for example at 1.5 bar of boost 20o advance and with the link now i am having 10o less.... and it is still doing some noise on the knock control. i have checked everything from the trigger to all the configurations... can anyone explain that please?? Thank you in advance Ted p.s. this is my map file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u2cx1ZBQ66FVdE6DoaYb8im1vIODOZun/view?us
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