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Found 3 results

  1. just bought a link ecu g4+ and was going through start up guide. MY build is 2jzge- turbo Supra JDM 1993 , map sensor calibrated, tps not calibrated (wiring issues). when i crank the engine there is no spark from main coil going to distributor cap. Originally running a piggyback system with the Aristo 2JZGTE ecu which was running fine, unplugged earlier today, current ignition module is rewired to work with distributor because the 2jzGTE uses COP instead of distributor (old setup). In the ignition settings neither direct spark or distributor have any spark. also unsure about what trigger setup to use, when cranking trigger signal status 1 is on/active Was previously running fine before installing new ecu
  2. Hi Folks, I have a Link G4 Supra plugin hardware version 1.0 in my Single 6 speed MKIV Supra. Recently I wanted to add 2 more digital inputs however I have already used all I can on the expansion connector. I found that in a JSPEC MKIV manual Supra DI4 is an electrical load sensor and DI5 is the start signal. These are not being used so I used DI4 for my clutch switch for the flat shift and had planned to use the DI5 as a switch to enable or disable another function. I have set both DI4 and DI5 up as GP inputs, toggle type, pullup on, on level low and active edge falling. When I ground DI4 I can see a change, when I ground DI5 there is no response. I have checked all the obvious things like wires all ok, cable is tight into the loom connector ect but I can't figure out what is wrong. Can anyone give me a pointer as to what I might have overlooked? Thanks, Johnny
  3. hello i'm new here to this forum....just upgarded my 2000 supra 2jzgte vvti to single turbo..we went for the vi-pec i88. We have an issue regarding the cam sensor....As its vvti it has 1 cam sensor not 2 like normal gte.the cam for vvti has 3 pick ups (teeth) vs gte has only has one,as for that we're experiencing some problem faults.maybe someone could help.thank you
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