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Found 13 results

  1. mldc

    Water Pump PWM

    Hello, Our team doing some upgrades this winter. We have G4+ Thunder and PMU16 from Ecumaster. I would like to run water pump with pwm settings. I know that G4+ CAN can't transmit the pwm value, so I'm looking for alternative. Water pump: CWA200 PWM settings: Idea: 1. PMU16 feeds pump +12V when ignition is on. 2. I wire this to G4+ PWM signal Aux5 pin directly (high side) 3. I wire this pin to G4+ signal ground. (Or should I wire it to chassis ground?) 4. GND is wired to chassis ground. Working order: I turn the ignition and power goes directly from pmu to water pump. When RPM gets over 200 I feed 3ms of pw to wake up the pump from ecu. When car idles i send different signal to run the pump from ecu... Can someone confirm that my theory should work? Or I'm just wasting You time guys.. Huge thanks
  2. Hey guys having a bit of an issue with a r32 gtr running a link thunder ecu , basically the factory GTR r32 platform has a 12v constant feed to an injector resistor pack which then splits to each of the injectors. The issue I'm having is when I first turn the car to accessories and power up the thunder everything works sweet no issues I can connect to the ecu make changes run the engine etc. As soon as I turn the key off and disconnect power to the ecu the injectors start firing like crazy you can hear them from inside the cabin. Has anyone ran into anything similar or know where to begin? Any help is appreciated
  3. First time poster here, Bit of background, I've installed a Link Thunder on my 2007 Subaru Liberty GT Spec B Manual with a built EJ255. I haven't cut the factory loom, instead made my own patch harness. I've had no trouble setting up the ecu, apart from the Start Position which I have assigned to DI10. I've got a problem where with the key OFF I have 3v on this wire, 7v with the key ON and 9v while cranking. I'll attach a link to a video which shows DI10 and Aux. 8 (Starter Solenoid) are flashing on and off rapidly with the key in the ON position. One I turn the key to start they both stay ON, release the key and they flash again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWuCVqM-828 I've plugged my OEM ecu back in and tested the voltage, 0v with the key OFF and ON, 10-11v while cranking, which I believe is correct. I've also attached a photo of the OEM wiring diagram for reference, I've connected pin C32 to DI10 (Start Position), the "On Level" set to HIGH. Then C20 to Aux. 8 (Starter Solenoid), the "Polarity" set to LOW. I'm trying to work out if I have a wiring problem or if I may of configured something wrong. I can provide any other details, any assistance would be great.
  4. Hi folks. First time Link user here and ive had no issues tuning with it so far. Trying to polish up the details now but i'm really struggling to get the closed loop idle control working after so many attempts. 'Idle status' always shows 'speed NOT selected' The ethrottle target is always 'table 1' surely this should change to ethrottle target at some point? The ethrottle target table 1 is set to '0' at closed throttle and base idle position is '2.5' to give an idle speed of 1k rpm. No amount of increasing or reducing the error by altering the idle setpoint will make it respond or 'control' All it will do is perform a % increase when the coolat fan comes on, and it jumps to this setting with no issues. How does it know whether or not to look at table 1 in an idle condition? Would uploading a short log file help work out whats going on or are there specific settings i should check? The help file doesnt have a lot of detail on this topic. Cheers!
  5. Do I need to use a Digital Input from the starter solenoid signal to detect engine cranking or is there another method of doing this? e.g. engine revs below x rpm. If possible I would prefer not to use a digital input for this duty.
  6. Sheik

    Evo Thunder Wiring

    TL;DR - Doing a Patch Harness for a Thunder ECU to a 3Plug Evo8MR. Wanting some clarification on parts of the project and some of the translation between the existing Plugin ECU and the Thunder. So I am going to be asking a lot of questions here... Some of them probably deserve their own threads but the list has got too long to split it all up. For this reason, if anyone can comment on any specific part of this post and not the other please feel free to do so and do not feel like you have to answer the whole thing. Also no posting "take it to a shop". This is my hobby so I do enjoy it and don’t mind the time investment. For some background, I have an Evo8 MR which I have installed a G4+ Plugin unit into and tuned myself. It is running great and the whole experience with the software and hardware has been great. With the knowledge in mind of what I plan to do with the car at a later date, I have also since purchased a G4+ Thunder which I am a fairly long way down the rabbit hole of creating and installing via a Patch Harness to connect it to the existing ECU loom plus a Deutsch HD30 bulkhead plug to handle the extra bits. Fun times! However, I am at the stage where I have finished accumulating most of my parts and wire. The majority of my questions have come about from my time spent developing the wiring diagram for this to all work. My wiring diagram has been based of the cross-referencing of dozens of documents, including the thunder diagrams, pinout guides for the G4+ plugin, along with a couple of community created diagrams which I confirmed via the actual electrical manual. Between your G4+ pinout guide and these diagrams, I can see that there are a number of seemingly important pins which you guys do not reference in your pinout diagrams. Some of these are evidently omitted because they dont "appear" within the ECU and thus nobody would need to test or manage them (ie. 5v ground, 12v backup wires). But there is a small clump of others which have no reference or explanation that I would love to get some information on if there is anyone holding such knowledge. The one thing I am hoping is not the case is that the information is omitted because its be controlled 'behind the scenes' and/or proprietary because I will have no way of duplicating the function on the Thunder unit. Thus shooting my "if the plugin can do it, surely this monster can!?" theory right out the window... Furthermore for those of you playing at home, I have a JDM 3plug ECU harness just so you know what diagrams I am looking at. And with that we have the pinout list and the actual questions: Pin 5 - Secondary Air Control Solenoid Valve (Not here to get flamed about still having this installed) - No reference anywhere in pinouts - has a listed pin function of Aux - Ignition 6 - Cant find where it is used/activated on the basemap!?!? Pin 16 - Purge Control Solenoid Valve. This one is referenced on Pin Function Aux Ign 6, but is referenced as Pin 4 on the Pinouts sheet?! I cant find a single wiring diagram that says its located on Pin 4. Again, this isn't referenced by any controls or tables on the basemap. Pin 8 and 52 - These refer to 'Alternator G' and 'Alternator FR' respectively - No reference anywhere in Pinouts OR pin functions. Could not really find much other than speculation about what it did online either. Would love some definitive info here. I would also appreciate some guidance on how to handle main relay wiring using this patch harness technique. My understanding is that the Thunder has its own "Main Relay" so I will need to somehow trigger the existing one. If I can get some tips on how to go about that it would be great! This is one of those things I wouldn't go 'guessing' with as it could blow/melt things if I get it wrong. Will involve a lot of extra reading if someone cant answer this one for me... If anyone can clarify on any of these points it would be awesome - but I am also looking for any overlooked road blocks with this transplant if anyone can flag them. I never really imagined that the Thunder wouldn't work when the Plugin would, but finding these few things that are under the radar, I am asking the question first before I get any deeper. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi I'm using Fury and I am controlling LSU4.9 BOSCH lambda sensor with fury internal lambda sensor controller. I have connected the cables completely as same as the instructions in the Online Help. But I'm receiving these errors. Do you have any suggestions? One thing that I'm worried about is, I'm using +14V(A connector pin 5) as the Ignition +12V input(LSU 4.9 pin 4). I read the instructions of the LSU 4.9 and it says. "Power supply H+ nominal 7.5 V" "System supply voltage 10.8 V to 16.5 V" I don't have 12V output in my ECU so I can only use +14V cable or the +8V cable on the A connector of my Fury ECU. Am I doing some thing wrong or any suggestions would be very helpful. Thank you.(^^♪ http://www.bosch-motorsport.de/media/catalog_resources/Lambda_Sensor_LSU_49_Datasheet_51_en_2779147659pdf.pdf
  8. Hi guys, We just completed the first that we know of Coyote Aluminator swap into a 1989 Porsche 928. For good measure a Whipple 2.9 supercharger was piled on top with a 20% overdrive pulley setup. The power is transmitted to the wheels via a Corvette Z06 transaxle and torque tube assembly with an oversized Driveshaft Shop driveshaft and upgraded axles. To control it all we chose the powerful Thunder ECU. We will also be running a form of boost control via supercharger bypass valve to keep the car under control in the first few gears. Once we get it to the dyno and tuned we are expecting around 800WHP at around 15 psi. Looking forward to playing a bit with this one. Blaine Carmena Carmena Performance
  9. Hello, Im installing link thunder in to 2001.5 audi b5 s4 with a custom built harness. Car is running fine but im having issues getting tachometer and ABS to work. Im using audi tt CAN protocol. I know my car is not one of supported models , but its no different then an audi tt as far as CAN protocol and electronics go. I did a bunch research on mk1 audi tt. there were few different gauge clusters thru out years with one main concern earlier versions had analog feed rpm to tachometer and newer audi tt had rpm signal sent over CAN bus also there were versions with abs and versions with abs and esp . My questions are is rpm signal from thunder compatible with analog signal my cluster expects ? if not compatible , what are my options? multiplier 1 duty 50 % tach settings Is audi tt CAN protocol compatible with all versions of audi tt abs and esp systems . there 2 CAN ports on ecu , is there a difference which is used for powertrain communication? thank you in advance Serge E
  10. Hi team, I'm about to purchase a Link Thunder Ecu. It has many more inputs than the other ECU's but the logging memory is the same as the Fury. Is there any way or are there any plans to increase the logging memory capacity? If I want to compete in 1 hour or 3 hour racing, the memory will be full before the end of the race. Cheers, Mike
  11. We have an issue with a Link CANBUS Lambda I feel it is something with data-rate/communication as the Lambda unit needs connecting to battery 12v to make it work , connecting it to a ignition switched live stops the unit outputting any data ( no canbus faults shown in CAN F12) We are also using the same canbus trunk to run a Race Tech Dash and this works all the time and removing this item from the canbus set up does not allow the Lambda unit to work. We are using a Link Lambda unit on a Thunder ECU. car was designed to run a earlier Link ECU (Extreme) before the Thunder was released so we specced the car with a Link Canbus Lambda and not to use the Lambda set up to drive the LSU connected direct to the Thunder. Software sees the CANBUS unit in the CANBUS folder under CAN devices and with the unit connected to the battery we get data from the unit. We are using Firmware 3240 as when we built the map we couldn't get the motor to run using dual fuel maps turned on. We have since not used the dual maps in the tune but it will be needed at a later date ( Simon said there was a bug in the software with the latest firmware that prevent any injector output when dual maps are used as overlay) CAL file is attached Thanks ACORN PS13_V6 ECU BUILT ON THUNDER BASE NEW FIRMWARE_MAP 17 TEMP FINAL playing wth canbus.pclr
  12. Hi to all, I'm having some trouble with the relay controlled by the THUNDER ECU on my NISSAN 300ZX, they just don't pass enough voltage when they are switched on, battery is at 12.5v and the voltage output after the relays is +-10.5v. The ECU powers up but the injectors don't have enough juice to click at 10v and the ignition also doesn't power up to use a timing light. To my understanding relays just have 2 states ON or OFF. I had to do a modification to the original wiring harness as injector had battery power all the time and created a feedback on the THUNDER, so I installed a relay to the injector circuit as can be seen on the attached images red circuit inside the pink area (pink area is based on the Thunder Hold Power Low Side Wiring that I altered to suit the stock harness). When I use this same circuit on a NISTUNE ECU this modification is completely transparent and the voltage out of the relays is the same as battery give or take 0.02V and car runs perfectly, so the relays are not to blame. If I manually bypass the relays the THUNDER ECU sees 12.0V and I can perform injector tests on the software. So can the THUNDER pull a better ground to make the relays close better? I'm using a patch loom made from the A and B Loom Part # 5LB and # 0LA. Should I try a thicker wire for the "main relay+" and "main relay-" ? See attached images and thanks in advance for any help. Miguel Silva .
  13. defi


    Can you tell me whether the Thunder has the windowed det of the extreme thanks in advance
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