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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm looking to setup E-throttle shortly with an Altezza 3SGE throttle body. On a G4+ Xtreme Red. Question one: Looking through the documentation, it says that it requires TPS main and sub, FPS main and sub wired to 4 seperate inputs. Am I correct in thinking that this is just two wires each coming out of the TPS plug, and two wires coming out of the FPS plug? One which gains voltage one which drops voltage as it sweeps through it's range? Question two: A lot of the documentation now mentions the Black edition Xtreme, and any mention of the Red seems to be gone. Which is fine, but what's th
  2. I Just bought a brand new G4+ VLLink / HVLC+ for my manual SL VL Turbo RB30ET and id like to hook up these extras i have purchased : XSL loom, six LS2 coils, LC-2 wide band O2 sensor, boost solenoid, air temps sensor & possibly more. I have looked around and i cant find much at all on doing this. If i could get some advise that would be great. Cheers
  3. Hey guys I have a g4 atom on a KA24DET 240sx. Im having an issue with the throttle position sensor setup. I can go into options, TPS setup, correct the values with the pedals and it runs fine. But after next start up, even thought it has been saved and stored, the values start randomly higher. Sometimes even as high as 30% open. Am i saving it wrong or is there an issue with my TPS somehow? Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  4. Hi guys. I have an unusual problem and am not a tuner by any means but am generally pretty good at understanding instructions. I have a link PNP in my altezza factroy ecy box. Have had it dyno tuned and set up for over a year and ran with no issues. Last week I removed the intake plenum and throttle body to polish the plenum and paint the throttle body. I did not removed the FPS or TPS from the throttle body, merely unplugged them and covered them up before painting. I also cleaned the butterfly valve inside with degreaser. After i reinstalled everything I started car (a week later) and it sho
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