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Found 17 results

  1. I have a g4+ almost ready to go into the car. I am planning out how to run the wires and I purchased a male connector that will fit directly into the supplied "wideband' 4 pin female end on the ecu. I just can't find which pins correspond to which wires for the wideband. Does anyone have a diagram of this?
  2. I just a bought a PnP Link G4+ ECU for my 1999 WRX. I have a question about OBD2 wiring. Should I wire the OBD2 plug like this: Or can I use just use the " CAN2/OBD" connector on the ECU board which has the "+14V" output? I just want to use an ELM327 bluetooth OBD2 reader on the port. Is the ECU able to power the device or have I completely misunderstood purpose of the +14V pin? Thank you in advance. Br, Timo
  3. hey guys, I English is a weak, we hit a sentence using the google translation. I want to run a Honda "Today" car on the LINK atom G4 +. I'm making a harness for that, but it doesn't work until the engine starts. This is the state of the harness currently created. ・ ECU can be started without any problem ・ ECU power supply is 12V or more ・ Intake temperature and throttle can be recognized. ・ No voltage comes to crank, cam, water temperature, O2 ・ Throttle is input incorrectly to the intake pressure ・There is no problem with the ignition coil and injector. Images such as the current harness and trigger waveforms are attached. Anyone can help me. Thank you. The Japanese language is translated below. 吸気温度 = intake air temp 水温 = water temp 吸気圧力 = intake pressure , MAP センサ = sensor JA4 wiring.webp harness.xlsx
  4. Hello! I've been searching a lot but can't find an exact pinout for the 370Z pedal position sensor. It's being used with a Link Fury and 350Z throttle body on a JZ. I have all the info on 350Z PPS but not 370Z. Thank you!
  5. Hey there, Doing some upgrades this weekend from all the factory sensors to link sensors. What I've seen in the manual is a little vague. Is it fine to use the existing wiring for the factory IAT and MAP and just wire the new Link plugs on? Furthermore, I'll be using some extra sensors not available from factory. Im assuming multiple sensors can be hooked up to the sensor ground without interference? Couldn't find clarification on this as I assume it's simple considering there is only one from the expansion looms. E.g. EGT, Fuel Pressure, EMAP? Cheers.
  6. hello so i have just purchased a link g4 + atom ecu with a 2.5m wire in loom and i am need of help i noticed there was another guy who posted the same question and was sent a tutorial in pdf format which i tried to access but unfortunately it has been removed so was just wondering if someone had the pdf or any other file that could help me. any help would be much appreciated cheers.
  7. So I'm currently wiring in a g4+ extreme into a jza80 / jzx110 1jzgte. The easy stuff is done. Power in Ground Earths Injectors Sensors Vvti I have a few questions regarding different subjects. 1.The only wire I can find for a/c is a/c lock out? 2.I currently have standard coils with the original ignitor. How is this wired into the extreme? 3.the charge light needs to be connected to 14v to allow the system to charge is it best connected to the link ecu 14v? 4.can I run an external boost /coolant gauge as outputs from link? Last question does anyone know what this is? It's connected to cam, crank and o2 sensors @Adamw @Simon
  8. Hey everyone. I have been looking at different posts about the anti lag switch subject. I think I get the general idea on how to wire the switch but, I am just wanting to make sure that I have this somewhat correct. Would it be okay if I can use pin 45 which is DI 6(AC switch) and pin 32 which is aux ign 4 as ground?
  9. I have been doing research and I can't find anything on it. So I need to figure out how to wire an aem wideband 02 in my link g4+ ecu to make it a closed loop. I honestly don't know squat about wiring. I was talking to my tuner and he was telling me that I needed to find an open av port. I'm telling myself that I have no idea what that is. The vehicle that I own and am working on is a 2004 evo. I have been searching for hours and I am just stumped. The videos that I have seen don't do justice either. I just really need help with this. Thank you for your time on reading this.
  10. Sheik

    Evo Thunder Wiring

    TL;DR - Doing a Patch Harness for a Thunder ECU to a 3Plug Evo8MR. Wanting some clarification on parts of the project and some of the translation between the existing Plugin ECU and the Thunder. So I am going to be asking a lot of questions here... Some of them probably deserve their own threads but the list has got too long to split it all up. For this reason, if anyone can comment on any specific part of this post and not the other please feel free to do so and do not feel like you have to answer the whole thing. Also no posting "take it to a shop". This is my hobby so I do enjoy it and don’t mind the time investment. For some background, I have an Evo8 MR which I have installed a G4+ Plugin unit into and tuned myself. It is running great and the whole experience with the software and hardware has been great. With the knowledge in mind of what I plan to do with the car at a later date, I have also since purchased a G4+ Thunder which I am a fairly long way down the rabbit hole of creating and installing via a Patch Harness to connect it to the existing ECU loom plus a Deutsch HD30 bulkhead plug to handle the extra bits. Fun times! However, I am at the stage where I have finished accumulating most of my parts and wire. The majority of my questions have come about from my time spent developing the wiring diagram for this to all work. My wiring diagram has been based of the cross-referencing of dozens of documents, including the thunder diagrams, pinout guides for the G4+ plugin, along with a couple of community created diagrams which I confirmed via the actual electrical manual. Between your G4+ pinout guide and these diagrams, I can see that there are a number of seemingly important pins which you guys do not reference in your pinout diagrams. Some of these are evidently omitted because they dont "appear" within the ECU and thus nobody would need to test or manage them (ie. 5v ground, 12v backup wires). But there is a small clump of others which have no reference or explanation that I would love to get some information on if there is anyone holding such knowledge. The one thing I am hoping is not the case is that the information is omitted because its be controlled 'behind the scenes' and/or proprietary because I will have no way of duplicating the function on the Thunder unit. Thus shooting my "if the plugin can do it, surely this monster can!?" theory right out the window... Furthermore for those of you playing at home, I have a JDM 3plug ECU harness just so you know what diagrams I am looking at. And with that we have the pinout list and the actual questions: Pin 5 - Secondary Air Control Solenoid Valve (Not here to get flamed about still having this installed) - No reference anywhere in pinouts - has a listed pin function of Aux - Ignition 6 - Cant find where it is used/activated on the basemap!?!? Pin 16 - Purge Control Solenoid Valve. This one is referenced on Pin Function Aux Ign 6, but is referenced as Pin 4 on the Pinouts sheet?! I cant find a single wiring diagram that says its located on Pin 4. Again, this isn't referenced by any controls or tables on the basemap. Pin 8 and 52 - These refer to 'Alternator G' and 'Alternator FR' respectively - No reference anywhere in Pinouts OR pin functions. Could not really find much other than speculation about what it did online either. Would love some definitive info here. I would also appreciate some guidance on how to handle main relay wiring using this patch harness technique. My understanding is that the Thunder has its own "Main Relay" so I will need to somehow trigger the existing one. If I can get some tips on how to go about that it would be great! This is one of those things I wouldn't go 'guessing' with as it could blow/melt things if I get it wrong. Will involve a lot of extra reading if someone cant answer this one for me... If anyone can clarify on any of these points it would be awesome - but I am also looking for any overlooked road blocks with this transplant if anyone can flag them. I never really imagined that the Thunder wouldn't work when the Plugin would, but finding these few things that are under the radar, I am asking the question first before I get any deeper. Thanks in advance!
  11. Is there a preferred type of cable to be used to connect a crank trigger to the Link ECU? I know the standard connector and cable have plain wire but diagrams I have seen suggest the use of a shielded pair type of wire. Going on a high speed engine but only 6 tooth trigger wheel and using Link supplied crank and cam trigger sensors.
  12. zxesas

    trigger sync error

    Car wont start got triggering errors need advice as to why i have this problem engine is a 4efte Trigger1 is wired to NE Trigger 2 is wired to G1 G2 is not wired in to nothing. Shouldn't it be? G- is wired to sheilded ground on the monsoon i do not know if this is the correct way as this is the first time wiring up a ecu so anyone that has done this please point me where my mistake is. Engine has spark and fuel all that needs to be done is to set the trigger offset with a timing light and see if it will start but this wont solve triggering errors. Car runs stock distributor and batch injection. The 4e-fte has a 24/1 tooth inside Distributor. for triggering i have it set up as so: Triggermode:multi-tooth Trigger priority: Trigger 1 Trigger 1 type: reluctor Trigger 1 filtering: Level 1 (low) Multi-tooth position: crank tooth count:24 Trigger 2 type: reluctor Trigger 2 filtering: Level 1 (low) Sync Mode: Cam Pulse 1x For fuelling i have injection rate every 1 engine cycle should i make it 1/2?
  13. Hi, New user and now doing a first installtion on my R34 GTR and got a qouple of questions. Reading the manual + PC Link Help and under known issues: Back feeding on R34: When I read power supply do you mean the wire that goes and activates the relay spool? A/C condition input (Di4) How do I identify if my GTR needs to have this done? Installing a "boost switch" to activate a "Hi-boost" map I have installed exp. harness and thinking of using DI5 and run this over to the switch. The other side I'm going to run to ground. In the software I will set DI5 with low-side and using a pull-up resistor. (Will I need to set a value on the resistor or is this standard?) I'm I going in the right direction? Thanks for any help! Best regards, Pete
  14. Greetings all, I am currently wiring a 6 cylinder m50b20 with 153624 firing order, to a link G4+ storm "blue one" what would be the best wiring for ignition, injection? what is did is 153 to inj port 1 and 624 to inj port 2 and did put 2 ignitors to every three coils. setup multiport with 1-2 INJ ports and 1/2 injection cycle. Is there anything better to do ? shall I used coils with built in ignitors? Recommendations highly appreciated
  15. Afternoon, Wondering if there is someone out there who can guide me on ABS sensor wiring for signal pickup in the g4+ 50 year old car with commodore VT abs sensors mounted to read the flange bolts off 3 piece rims (12 bolts per rev). So assume these being 2 wire are passive sensors generating an analog AC signal. The Link will read this on a DI input? And do i wire these one side to +12v and the other to ground through say a 270ohm resistor with the g4+ picking up the signal between the resistor and sensor? Sorry a little lost and couldn't find help file info - but then again most of the stuff i'm doing is not normal. Any help appreciated. BR
  16. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum ,is the second time that I install a link ECU, first it was to my university project which you give to us a link G4+ ATOM like sponsorship for Tyφοοn Motoracing Team. After that I buy a Monsoon for my personal car bmw e30 m42 but the wiring now is a little more difficult. My problem is the wiring of main relay because the Motronic 1.7 send a ground to pin 85 (27) of main relay which have supply from ignition switch input (56). Also the OEM ecu have an input from pin 87( main relay)(54) and a battery voltage input (26). (there is attached image) My first thought was to use one more relay to use the ignition switch(56) to give ground to 85 main relay (27). And take +12V for monsoon from pin 87 main relay(54). After that I find to forum a diagram that use a Mosfet transistor and a diode to do exactly the same job. although, I do not understand why he use diode to connect the to side of relay 85 and 86 (image ) There is other solution to my problem and what do you suggest? thanks you for your time! Peter MS
  17. Wael habboub


    Hi, regarding the wiring of 2jz is there start I should do to make my loom. I have furry with two looms. To plan my wiring loom kindly I need ur advice
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