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EVO9 V44 pnp

Guest filin

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I am installing now V44 pnp at EVO9 euro and want to ask about EVAP solenoid work. Does it work in pnp EVO9? I can not find any info about pin#16. Is it dedicated or it has to reconnect to any AUX output?


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Thanks, Ray.

I have solved it yet. The engine was started up like stock with very hard mods!! Now I have problem with VVt control: I have error EXTRA pulses and error counts. But Mivec works, I change overlap and the engine reacts on it. In RTV DI=off. Please let me know what it can be. I read the manual but did not understand Test pulse count. Is it number of teeth ATDC or teeth's quantity on the intake cam? Sorry for stupid questions)))

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Run the cam angle test. You will find this under VVT Control -> VVT Setup.

Set the Cam Angle Test to Inlet/LH and the Test pulse count to 4.

Run the engine and press the R key to open the runtime window.

Select the VVT tab and look at the Absolute VVT Positions.

The lowest value shown is the offset you must use for the Trigger 2 VVT Offset.


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Thank you. I will do it tomorrow in the morning. DI#1 for VVT has offset angle too. Has this offset to be equal with VV2 offset after cam angle test? So do I need to write this angle in DI#1?


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I have a very similar problem with my PNP Evo 9 box.

I went through the VVT Setup procedure. During the TEST of the VVT the runtime values for the cam angle of each counted tooth only stabilized by using a value of 6. (not 4 as suggested here)

My lowest reading value of the 6 was 53 degrees ATDC, which I configured my DI#1 offset to match. I left the Trig 2: V VTi - Offset value at 235 degrees ATDC.

After switching VVT Setup Parameter "Cam Angle Test" from Inlet LH to OFF the ECU system status changed from "OFF Cam test running" to "active". Furthermore the Target and position are following each other quite well. So it would appear that the system is functioning... but with Errors.

After reading this thread my thoughts were to go back and set the cam angle test to 4, find the lowest value of angle ATDC via the runtime values, and put that value into the DI#1 Offset value, and use 235 degrees (as I believe this is the original setting?) for the Trig 2: V VTi - Offset value)

Please let me know if I'm on the right track and that my assumptions/assessment is correct. Thank you

-Eric Urness

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