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Zada tech can dash adapter


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Im working with Zada tech to see if their adapter can work with g4+ so i can output composite AV to MFD or 2din screen.

Im no expert about Can stuffs.  They ask me to provide datasheet so they can work fm there and get it work.

Im wondering if the infrmation in help>Generic Dash are good enough for them or there is any source i can provide them amd start fm there?


They are willing to develop one to fit.  Tks



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Yes, the generic dash stream is the most commonly used for displays.  Note however it uses a compound message structure that may be more complicated than they like to decode.  If they think that is too hard then I would suggest the Race technology one which is a little more basic sequential format.  

In both cases the ID is user configurable and can be standard 11 or extended 29bit.  Our normal convention is ID 1000decimal (0x3E8 hex).  So , the race technology stream would use 1000,1001,1002,& 1003.

Edit: sorry had trouble getting the images to link correctly.

Generic Dash: 




Race Tech:  





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Thank you Adam,

They are asking me "What baudrate does the ECU use and Also is it little endian or big endian?"

Sorry but i have no idea what these are but they are willing to try go that adapeter to work with link for long run

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The note at the top of each stream tells him the endianess.  Generic dash says Low byte first which is little endian.  Race tech says high byte first which is big endian.

Bit rate is user configurable but 1Mbit/s is our normal convention for these two streams.   The ECU is capable of 100K, 125K, 250K, 500K, 1M.

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