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CD-7 and Link g4+


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Hey all, I am having a tough time understanding the alarms page on this CD-7, Warning messages work fine. I am having issue getting the Alarms and screen to come up, seems to be taking a while and I am also having issues with the messages flickering instead of blinking once per second or twice per second.

I have attached the layout if anyone want to point me in the right direction.

Default-Black-LinkG4+ carbon edit3.aemcd7

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I had a quick look and dont see anything obviously wrong.  I dont have a dash here to test myself.  The only thought I had is a lot of your warnings are triggered by the same input as the alarms so the two may be possibly be overriding or interacting with each other.  As a quick test I would try deleting all the warnings to see if the alarms then behave any more reliably.

If not I think it is one that needs to be discussed with AEM.

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