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Knock I-trim question


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I've been logging different values with 4d ignition trim and other ignition trims active. 

Comparing "ignition table" values to the "ignition angle" value, I can see how all of the trims affect the "Ignition Angle" 

But with the "Knk I-Trim" I can see that value change but it doesn't change the "Ignition Angle" value.

Is this correct or does this mean my knock trim isn't functioning?

If it is normal is there a value that shows the final ignition angle applied to the engine?



knock i trim example (2).llghere is a small log that shows knock trim without affecting the ignition angle value.

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Hi there,

The Knk I-Trims are corrections to individual cylinders, hence the Ignition Angle remains unchanged. 

It would be interesting to see your tune too, it looks like cylinders 2, 3 and 4 are not detecting any sound, not sure why?  

Btw, I found it best to log at 100 Hz to capture these knock events otherwise you can miss them.




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