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Gear detection lost


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I wonder if there is a known issue regarding this or I am just doing something plain stupid. I searched the forums and even though someone seemed to have a similar problem some time ago, there was no conclusion to that thread.

So I learned the gears following the manual procedure and everything worked fine for that run. In runtime values I could see the "Gear" parameter changing as it should while I changed through the gears.  Everything worked well for that trip and I made sure to save and store the changes. I even have a log that I attach here which contains the correctly detected gears shown in the log:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/45l3s5wo1tvurwi/Log 2019-06-2 2%3B56%3B23 pm.llg?dl=0

I turned the engine off and went on my way, came back to the car and downloaded the file which I modified a little. I did not even think of checking if the gear was still shown correctly in the runtime values because I was pretty sure I saved and stored. I only noticed this at the end of the ride: no gear shown in the runtime values and no gear saved in the log (just 0 and 1):

https://www.dropbox.com/s/g1q50lel35tptv6/Log 2019-06-2 8%3B06%3B34 pm.llg?dl=0

Surprised to see this I checked inside the map file and the gear ratio table still contained plausible and logical values which were for sure not entered by me directly, but must have been entered when doing the calibration procedure.


Here's the map for you to check out:


I know the most plausible reason to this story is that I must have done something wrong. However since this is the second time this has happened to me, I dare ask: is there a known problem/caveat regarding this gear calibration and gear showing in the log? According to the logs, my firmware is

Thank you!


Best regards,


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I havent heard of this happening before.  Most of the cars I work on use gear detection and it seems reliable.  I dont normally use the "normalise" option though.  Looking at your log it seems the ratio is still calculating correctly but the info we cant see/dont know is the multiplier that normalises the ratio table in the background.  Can you do the gear calibration again but with the normalise ratio table turned off, lets see if that works better.

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