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Can bus ecu width?


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8 bits gives you 255 possible “numbers”.  So things like temperatures where you just want say -50 to 150C will be fine as 8 bits. Channels like Lambda for instance where you want a resolution of 0.01 or 0.001 however will need more bits to allow enough range.  

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Yes, and it works just fine doing it like that, but the problem is that it only explains how to do it with one stream-frame. 

And when sending it as a 16 bit data stream, it`s not room for more then 4 different channels. But i need add a few more. And struggling a bit getting it to work with several frames within the same stream.

I guess i could just do it the easy way and just keep adding a new  user stream, but i would rather try to get it working with several frames instead.  

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