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Link extreme 1jzgte vvti help

Stuart mcharg

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So I'm currently wiring in a g4+ extreme into a jza80 / jzx110 1jzgte. 

The easy stuff is done. 

Power in 






I have a few questions regarding different subjects. 

1.The only wire I can find for a/c is a/c lock out? 

2.I currently have standard coils with the original ignitor. How is this wired into the extreme? 

3.the charge light needs to be connected to 14v to allow the system to charge is it best connected to the link ecu 14v? 

4.can I run an external boost /coolant gauge as outputs from link? 

Last question does anyone know what this is? It's connected to cam, crank and o2 sensors 

@Adamw  @Simon


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I believe Simon has answered most of your query via email.  The connector in your picture is a Bus or splice connector.  Basically it connects a whole lot of wires together.  Some have two seperate buses inside which it looks like yours might.  At a guess, the black wires may be something like sensor grounds and the brown maybe 5V or 12V.

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3 minutes ago, Stuart mcharg said:

Still have a few small things like IGF ignotr verify signal. 

IGF is not needed.


4 minutes ago, Stuart mcharg said:

I'm just seeing if I can cut that plug out as it's very messy and wouldn't be nice when I'm done 

If you do you will still have to splice all those wires together some other way.

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