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Terminatiing Resistor For Link Can-Lambda


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I have the Link Mini+ plug and play ECU for an R53 mini cooper S and the link can-lambda. I am about to install this into my mini but I don't know if I have to add an terminating resistor to the can-lambda wiring harness. Because I will be adding the Link MXS Strada Dash at a later date. So I am trying to work out to make the harness. I know that the ECU has an internal terminating resistor. So do I add a terminatiing resistor with the can-lambda harness or  do I add it the the Link Strada Dash harness that I will make up for when I add this to the R53 Mini. Any help with this woud be great.



I know the Mini OEM can bus has a lot of stuff on it. e.g. Wheel speed sensors, Handbrake & Seatbelt on, Headlights, Aircon, Steering rate / wheel position and Bonnet open.

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In a lot of cars one restistor is in the ECU and the other in the dash as this is commonly the low>high speed can gateway. Sounds like you are replacing both items so you likely need to put a second resistor somewhere + the one in the link.

To be sure, connect the link and everything else, and measure resistance between the 2x canbus wires pretty much anywhere. If you see 120 ohm you need to add in a second one, if you see 60 ohm, you've already got 2x in there somewhere so leave it alone.

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