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Stacking Virtual Aux


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I have been reading that Virtual Aux can be stacked to gain additional conditions. I am planning to have multiple levels of engine safety and I believe I will need to stack multiple Virtual Aux. However, when I am going through the available switch conditions, I only see Virtual Aux 1 as an option. I believe I will need at least one more Virtual Aux to be selectable as a switch condition. Am I missing something here or is only the first Virtual Aux meant to be stacked? 





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Also a comment... I am configuring a turbo speed sensor for a Borg warner EFR. 


Per the manual - 



The divider for the EFR sensor is 8 

That gives me 6000 * 14 Teeth / 8 = 10,500

PCLink is telling me the max value is 10,000. The limit close enough for my sensor, but doesn't make a lot of sense.

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I'm seeing now why that limit is there... 500hz max frequency. 

Is there an internal fuse for the +5v supply? I just got my unit in and I don't like how the +5v wire is split to go to different sensors right near the ECU connector. Unless there is an internal fuse, then that would be alright. 



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