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Hondata Strain Gauge

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I'm trying to get a Hondata strain gauge working properly. I have the digital output from the Hondata controller module wired into DI-8 on the Link Thunder ECU, however I'm not seeing the input status change from off. I've tried different settings for the pull up resistor etc. but nothing seems to change the value. I can see analog voltage changing, just not the digital signal.


Anyone managed to get this working?


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I managed to get it working, the Hondata system has a both an analog and digital output. I wanted to use the digital output, originally I had it wired into DI-8 and configured as a strain gauge input, however I couldn't see it activating even though the Hondata was sending the activation signal.

I moved the input to DI-4 and re-configured it as a GP input and it all seems to be working properly now. Not sure if I just used the wrong DI or what, but this seems good for now. Will update once I test everything out on the Dyno tomorrow.

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