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boost solenoid & Tacho issue


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Hello dear’s

 I follow your instructions for how to wire the injectors and it works perfect 

but i have another problem, the boost solenoid valve ( mac 3 ) is running ( clicking) while it’s off from the Ecu, even when i switch between aux5 and aux8

and the clicking increase with the RPM

is it a wiring issue?

also, the tachometer is not working?

I have a nissan Altima 92 and i wire the tacho on aux1 but nothing happened?!

 Really thanks for your continued support   

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The tacho is not working because you have both aux 1 and aux 5 assigned to tacho.  Turn off whichever one you are not using.  The Boost valve is not working correctly probably because aux 6 & 7 are still set to ISC stepper drive, when in stepper mode aux 5-8 are all sequenced together.  Turn aux 6 & 7 off.

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Hi again 

The boost solenoid work perfect, thanks adam.

but for the tacho, i turn off the unused one, but didn’t work 

i try to play with the figures, also nothing 

Simon & adam  : appropriate you continues support 

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