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Vi-PEC Knock Amplifier


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Hi there.

I came across a unit which was for sale,without cables ,loom etc.It's new just a plain unit.

1)Can it be used as Knock Control Interface with i88 units or just as Knock Tuning Tool?

I have a i88 unit and i was reading the maunal that it can be used with 2 possible methods,as a Knock Control Interface or Knock Tuning Tool.

2)In the first case the Vipec's internal knock control circuit is being dissabled and the Knock control is done by the amplifier?

3)Why does the pull-up resistor on the DI channel used must be disabled and the auxiliary channel providing the window must be set to active low?

4)Is there a spare main loom that i can purchase or a part number of the 6 pin connector used so as to fabricate one?

5)The wire used on the knock sensor has to  be shielded as i read on the instructions.Should i end the shield to any of the 2 pins on the connector side?

6)Any part number for the knock sensor 2 way connector?

7)How would you describe Vipec Knock Amplifier compared to Link Knock Block in terms of tuning aid and ease of function?


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On the I series the internal knock circuit is a match for the old V series type amplifier so there is no gain in using it.

It would however be a good option for a tuning tool and using headphones. 

We don't have any looms left so you would need to fabricate one from scratch.

The shield should be grounded at one end only, typically the ECU end on the shield ground pin.

The Link knock block is just a modem version that was simplified to be a pure tuning tool so there is no ECU interface.



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Simon i am not refering to the shielded wire used for the knock sensor going to the ECU plug.I am refering to the 2 pin wire that conects the knock sensor with the amplifier.

Knock Sensor Loom A and B as they are called in the following picture pins wire should be a shielded one per instructions.


Vipec Knock Amplifier.jpg

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