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Bosch motorsports 60mm PID settings


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  • 4 weeks later...

Initially the TB calibration would error out, found the fix via forum search, had to switch DC + and - wires

This is what I have managed, main focus was to keep oscillation at bay, I don't think this is good enough. 
Any obvious PID tuning errors from experienced members?
I'l try again in the next couple of days.

Gentle drive home log:


PID5 P 8  I 0.078  D 55.jpg

PID5 Settings.jpg

Fuel smooth & PID5 req.pclr PID5 60mm Bosch Msport.llg

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I'm not sure if the Link software supports zero'ing out gains but you'd typically tune a PID loop in order.

Tune the P gain until it overshoots, then back it off a touch.

Then tune the I gain to handle that last 10% of motion to get it to follow nice.

Then play with the D gain and tweak it.

Based on those charts I'd say you need more P gain.

You can do all this testing with the motor off so you're not rev'ing to the moon or crashing into things (mentioning it because you say you have a drive home log).

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Thanks for the reply, I'm guessing there is no feed forward/base duty cycle as Zero'ing the gains results in no throttle movement.
Initial setup and the short log is with the engine off.

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Your throttle control doesnt look bad to me.  You might find a small improvement but I dont see much to worry about in your log.  A little less P & D and a little more I would probably work better, try p=7, I=0.1 & D=45.  

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