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Boost drop between coast and inland setting?


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Hi guys

I was wondering if there is something I can set on the G4+ regarding our problem of loosing 0.3 - 0.4 bar boost when we have drag races at the coast and drag races inland. I know why it drops etc, but is there a way in link to help with this? The stock ecu , as far as I remembered, had a better way of handling it, did not drop as much boost.

The link ecu does NOT control the boost, the car has a GFB boost controller

At the coat the car runs 1.94 - 2.06 bar boost and inland nothing more that 1.59 bar boost.

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Hi there,

I'm not familiar with the GFB boost controller, but is there a reason you're not using the ECU to do 'closed loop boost control'?  

I found it to work very well if you're prepared to spend a bit of time tuning the PID terms etc.


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HI Tim !

I use the GFB as it has 6 pre set setting for the turbo, so a simple press of a button, I move between 6 preset settings to run the turbo between 0.8 bar and 2 bar boost. If I run it via the Link ecu, I need to upload ecu maps the whole time with the different  boost settings needed., that is mainly why.


DO you know if there are any settings inside link ecu g4+ I need to look at maybe e?


I was thinking the same thing, but if the GFB runs the turbo at 2 bar at the coast no issues, and inland only 1.6 , I though there might be a setting I can look at to compensate in a way for this.


What will the Link ecu do better by controlling the turbo than the GFB ?

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Hi Warchild,
Although I'm not familiar with your boost controller, I guess it doesn't run in closed loop mode, otherwise it should make the necessary adjustments to maintain target boost? Does the controller have any configurable settings apart from boost?
I'd also assume that your factory ECU was running closed loop since you say it maintained boost better?
You can have 3 boost tables in Link, so that could be an option (unless you really need 6 settings?)
Re: What will the Link ecu do better by controlling the turbo than the GFB ?
Taken from the Link help file...
The main advantage to closed loop control is the boost pressure consistency. With open loop control tables are needed to compensate for changes in environmental conditions. The closed loop system automatically corrects the duty cycle applied to the wastegate solenoid to achieve consistent boost pressures in all conditions.
The Link closed loop boost control strategy also incorporates open loop correction tables in the closed loop control mode. These are provided to help increase control loop stability.
The main disadvantage to closed loop boost control is the difficulty to setup. Tuning the control loop requires experience and understanding of how the PID control algorithm operates.

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