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Using Gauge Sensor for ecu AND Gauge?


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I have a Oilpressure / Oiltemperature Gauge including sensors.

Both run 5V. Each Gauge runs 5V to its Sensor and gets the Voltage back to display the Temperature or Pressure.


Is there a way to get these Signals to be used for the LINK Thunder?

How do i wire it ? I think it should be possible but which Wires have to be connected to the link,... Sensor ground  to Gauge Sensor ground And Signal wire to the Gauge and ECU? I do not want to frie anything,... hope someone can tell.


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yes, pretty much as you say, the signal wire from each gauge needs to be connected to an Analog Volt input, whichever are spare.  If the ECUs input impedance is high enough, then it wont affect the gauge reading.  (I have piggy backed quite a few successfully)

Then assign Oil pressure to the An Volt input and set to a spare calibration table.  If the sensor has a linear response then select cal 4,5 or 6 and set the values accordingly.

Do the same for Oil Temperature but it will probably have a non linear response so use Cal table 1,2 or 3 , and set the calibration to match what is displayed on the gauge.





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