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LS3 DBW E-Throttle Current


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Depends under what circumstances.


But there would be no need for anything larger than OEM wiring....and any current ability would only apply to the motor wiring itself....not to mention the actual abilities of the H-Bridge running it.

If they ever seen more than 10-15A...there would be a major problem.

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On 7/13/2019 at 10:18 AM, Dantical said:



does anyone know how much current the LS3 Throttlebody ( DBW ) draws?


I just want to be sure About the wiring size,...


thank you 

They only pull about 2A.  20AWG wire is most commonly used.

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Seems like most OEM's have very oversized wire on their DBW throttle bodies. Probably to compensate for cheap wire, variances, and all the other fun stuff OEM's consider.

I used 20awg for my Hemi throttle body without issue so far.

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