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G4+ xtreme 3sge beams trigger issues


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Hi guys,

I'm running a Toyota altezza with a forced itb 3sge engine. During the middle of our tuning session the engine reached the rev limiter just fine.

Then we run into some trigger errors and the engine was cutting out at around 7500rpm, far below the rev limiter.

Also during the pulls the revs weren't rising smoothly.

My tunner tried playing around with both trig1 and trig2 arming threshold voltage but this only made the engine perform worse than before.

4 years ago I used to run a g4 storm and didn't have such issues.

Here are a couple of log files and g4+ file if anyone can help me figure out whats wrong here.



altezza 13_07_2019.pclr Log 2019-07-13 1;28;41 pm TOYOTA.llg Log 2019-07-13 1;29;33 pmTOYOTA.llg

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There is no trig 1 errors counting up during the log looks like a couple on start up but that is fine so I suspect the triggers are happy. 

What coils are you running as you have relatively high dwell numbers for a multi coil setup. 

Can you get a trigger scope capture at idle as well so we can check the sensor voltages and polarity. 



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I'm running Toyota denso coils 90919-02239 for now but plan to upgrade to r35 gtr coils in the future.

Should I use the dwell table from the altezza plug in base map?

I don't if it's important or not but I'm running VP Q16

I also did a trigger scope capture as you asked.

Trigger Scope Log 2019-07-15 6;10;29 pm.llg

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Miss fire could be due to the crank polarity being incorrect. 

You need to swap the signal and ground at the sensor.

Dwell will likely need to be lowered for the GTR coils. To arounds 2ms at 14V 


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