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Group staged injection and AUX help needed


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Hello from Germany,

i have a question to the group staged injection.

The 4 700cc primary injectors are in the cylinder head and the 4 375cc secondary inejctors are before te throttle bodys.

How should i connect the injectors to the ECU? I use the G4+ Storm with 4 Injector channels.


The second thing is a problem with the AUX.

I have isntalled a electrical throttle body to my supercharcher to reduce the air at startup and idl.

How should i connect the throttle body to the ECU?

The mass or 5V+ signal must be shwitched on at startup and up to 1200rpm.

How is this possible?


I hope you have an idea for me?


Greetings from germany

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In Group staged injection mode, odd numbered drives work as primary and even numbered drives are secondary.  So two primary injectors should be wired to Inj drive 1, two pri injectors to Inj drive 3.  Secondaries to inj drives 2 & 4.

Im not sure I understand your question about the throttle, but the Storm cant control electronic throttle directly.

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