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Xtreme wire in - power holding


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Hey everyone, 


I have a wire in xtreme in my r34 gtt, however since installation it has always held power when the car is turned to ignition on, if the car is not started it will just hold that state. If the car is started and then turned off it behaves properly. I have had this issue for the last few months (when it was installed) but i have had other niggles to deal with first, i have had a look at narrowing the back feed down and have got to a good(ish) place doing so.


So the wire in ecu used the OEM loom where applicable, i.e mac valve used the old two stage solenoid wiring, 4 bar sensor used the original map sensor wiring.


I have got a ethorttle, which is wired in as per the link documents and into aux 8 for the ethrottle relay trigger, this disconnected does not help my issue, nor with the relay unplugged.

I have found that the only two things that stop the ecu from powering down are solenoids, if i unplug the VCT solenoid and only that one it remains on until the mac valve is unplugged, with either of these plugged in the ecu always holds the power. If however i leave both of these unplugged the ecu / car behaves like any other and turns on and off where it should, so basically i am asking what is the best way i can stop the two solenoids from back feeding the ECU? 


As the ecu doesn't control the ECCS relay it is no longer permanent live and ground triggered by the oem ecu, it is now a ignition live on the coil to ground.


I just want to get this niggle sorted then i can start adding the other bits i have laying around in as i don't want to add anything else to the mix while i am still having a issue.

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what does the wiring to those 2 solenoids look like? Is the ECU grounding an output to turn them on, and what does the wiring on the "other" side of them look like - ie is it permanent 12v, switched, via some other relay?

Have you got anything else connected to the ecu that is permanently fed 12? injectors, coils etc?

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Does it still have air conditioning?  That is normally the common problem one in an R34 as the relay coil is "hot fed" (live all the time) and will cause a back feed if connected to a normal aux output.  The VCT and boost valve should be ok if here wiring is as per factory - powered direct from the ignition switch.

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Cj - the wiring is completely original and they are both ignition live fed and im pretty sure nothing else is feeding the ecu a permanant 12 volts either. Both solenoids have a 12v supply with the ecu loom A unplugged, as they are fed through the key with igniton on 


Adamw - i did read about that with the r34 on another post but i have removed the following from the car including most wiring / relays / fuses and sensors - air con, hicas, power steering, purge valve, maf, idle air control valve.


When i say removed i mean everything to do with them. All traces of cables linking them, hicas ecu, associated wiring the lot. I may of missed one or 2 bits of cable (when it gos into the internal fusebox then comes out somewhere else on it, i didnt following it out the other side) 






technically it was none of this at all, wasnt a solenoid, wasnt anything it was the ignition live i used for the eccs relay that ended up staying alive, i had a 'spare igintion live' that i kept just in case under some tape, chucked that on, put the other one to the ethrottle relay as thats triggered by the ecu and now the car turns off and on as it should do.  :)

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