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IAT sensor reads 68f constantly even unplugged


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Trying to determine if ecu will default to 68f if the circuit is not complete.  I noticed while trying to tune my car that the ecu never moves away from 68f even when temps are clearly much higher.


Any ideas what would cause this?


The ecu has been on the car and was working before I rebuilt the engine. The previous motor overheated, bot sure if that could have cause sensor to go haywire or maybe even wiring? New motor has bigger cams and intake plenum, so I've been learning how to tune and make adjustments myself.

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I will check when I get home. I don't think I noticed any fault codes, but maybe I wasn't looking in the right place.

Regarding error value, is that something that is customizable? 

Also, if my memory serves me I believe the sensor low and high values were set to 0v and 5v.

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After looking through analog inputs I found I had maf intake temp, but it was not showing up as inlet air temp. So I went and edited its function to inlet air temperature and now IAT reads the correct temperature so it can be used for ecu adjustments to mapping. In case this happens to someone else, now u know :)

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