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New ECU has died

Tim D

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Hello Link and anyone that can help...

I installed a brand new G4+, model WRX107+ to my Subaru one month ago (S/N 2655).

It initially worked fine, although the log file has self-erased twice, a problem that my previous ECU (WRX107+) had. 

Today, on turning the key, the engine started to crank and halted after about one revolution.  The battery and starter motor were new a few months ago.  Battery voltage with everything switched off is around 12.7 V and no previous issues.

I can no longer hear the fuel pump priming with key on.

I can no longer get my laptop to connect to ECU, previously this was fine.

PCLink displays "Searching" whereas it previously connected quite quickly.

Interrogating Windows device manager shows the ECU to be on COM1, so I tried configuring PCLink manually to COM1, but this did not work either.

I tried all connection baud rates.

If I interrogate the ECU, it reports "Unable to connect to ECU but USB connection is present. Please cycle power to the ECU".

Cycling the power made no difference.  I rebooted laptop, this didn't help.

I tried attaching screenshot but got the message "You are only allowed to upload 501.76kB"

Please can someone advise?








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If the engine stopped turning after one revolution, you've got a battery/wiring problem (or something seriously mechanically wrong).

The ECU doesn't impact the engine cranking.

check your fuses, and check for power at the ECU plugs.

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Thanks all for your help guys!

It turned out to be fuse number 11 in a fusebox I didn't know existed!  Hidden away behind the immobiliser keypad, which you have to pull off it's hinges to reveal the fuses.

Apparently this fuse feeds Engine ignition system and SRS airbag.  It pretty much immobilsed the whole car!

Not sure why it blew, perhaps I have an underlying fault that will come back to bite me!

Thanks too to https://shopbhp.com/ - great tech support as always

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