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Yaris coil dwell time


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Hi , I have the car booked in next week to be tuned and I have a coupe things to finalise. 

I have fitted a coil on plug set up using the Yaris Denso coils. I after a dwell time table to use. 

I have also fitted Link Can Lambda and am wondering if I should get reading with engine off? I do as the setup instructs and save,  but when i go back into the can setup i cant see the lambda? 

I put E85 in the tank last night to test ethanol sensor and i got a reading of 90%. I thought this to be weird. Should I be concerned that the reading is higher than 85%?


The coil part number - 90919-02240

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1 hour ago, ozyvr4 said:

if I should get reading with engine off?

no, if the module is configured properly, it will receive RPM signal from the ECU and therefore not start up until the engine is above 400rpm. Once it sees good RPM, it will then start heating the sensor, and 5-10 seconds later it will start showing a lambda value. If you look at the value of "Lambda 1 status" it should show something like "low rpm" or "heating" and when it switches to "ok" then you should see a lambda value logged as "lambda 1"

see the guide here https://linkecu.com/documentation/canlambda.pdf

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Thanks Adamw and cj. 

I found that link but it woud not open. Said it was unavailable.  Can i just go to the base map for the car that runs the 1ZZ/1NZ engine and copy the dwell table and paste into my setup? 

I havent started the car with the can lambda installed as it needs to tuned. I have started the setup stage and will crank over once the car is moved from home. The car will be going straigt to tuner.  

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