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Turbo Upgrade, How to self adjust previous tune?


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Hey guys, I've got a rb25det with a bunch of performance/supporting mods, currently running a 3582 turbo and am switching over to a brand new gen2 gtx3071r. With airflow being completely different, I'm debating on going to my tuner for a retune (apparently a couple of hours?) OR if able to get some solid information (have had trouble so far unfortunately) look at the possibility of basically working from my current tune and making whatever adjustments to have the turbo running safe and as it should.


I understand the new turbo spools much earlier so fuel would need to be adjusted. What sort of advice do you guys have for my situation? Should I just spend a couple hundred and get it professionally tuned again or is it easy enough to adjust things myself?


Note: I dont have a dyno available so street tuning on my own or getting my previous tuner to dyno tune are the options I am referring to.


Thanks in advance.

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On 7/25/2019 at 2:45 AM, Adamw said:

It really needs to go to a tuner.  You cannot really guess how a different turbo is going to affect VE, and where it does it will likely need both fuel and ignition adjustments.

yes it will need a retune, a safe way to start is to take out some timing and put more fuel everywhere on the boost area, is better to start rich that lean.



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