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MAP Sensor Calibration Failed


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Car has not started for a while,4 months.Tried to do a MAP sensor calibration and i get a message saying MAP Sensor Calibration command failed: Current MAP <5kPa or > 5kPa of baro reading.

The pin out is 100% correct as the car was working fine on February and when i hit F12 run time values i get 1.04 Volts.

It's a GM 3Bar Sensor bought from DIY Autotune.10 months old....


Something isn't lining up.Any thoughts?

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I tried to blow in the very first but nothing changed.

Yesterday the voltage without doing nothing, just pc link open to see the voltage output it changed from 1.2 to 0.5 on its own. 

Even if the sensor gives me a good reading it will not be trust worthy anymore. 



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The next test I would do is this:

First make sure error low is set to 0.0V and error high is set to 5.0V on the AN Volt that is set to MAP.  

Next, unplug the MAP sensor, use a paperclip or similar to bridge the 5V wire to the signal wire at the MAP sensor plug, if ECU and wiring is ok the ECU should show 5V.  Try the same again but bridge the signal pin to the gnd pin, ecu should show 0V.

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