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Link G4+ fury setup in r32 GTR


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Hi guys 

while my engine is out getting rebuilt I decided to retire my old vipec v88 and change to the Link g4+ fury ecu


i just need abit of help on which connectors/wires etc I will need to purchase to wire everything up 


This is what I’m getting so far:

*boomslang plug and play harness from the fury to r32 GTR engine harness plug 

*bosch lsu4.9 wideband sensor 


I want to run a small digital dash aswell and I’m not sure which connectors/wiring il need to make that work? 

also I’m going to run 6x egt sensors,

again what will I need to make this work with the Fury (already have the k type egt sensors)


thanks in advance

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For the EGT's you will need a thermocouple amplifier, I would suggest a CAN bus based one.  The ECU master EGT to CAN is relatively cheap and seems to work well.  The EGT amp and the dash can both connect to CAN 2 in the main B plug so you will just need a couple of superseal 1.0 sockets for that.  

I also suggest you query Boomslang about how there loom takes care of the high current TPS signal for the GTR 4wd computer, our GTR plug-in has an extra amplifier circuit added to the adapter board to handle that, a wire-in ECU obviously wont have that.  I know haltech sell a seperate black box to do this task but only for the R34, the R32/33 uses a different voltage range so that wont work.  I can give you a circuit to make something, but it should really be their job if they are selling a plug & play harness.

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I have afew questions regarding k type egt thermocouple sensors for my manifold:


my egt bung on cylinder 3 will need to be welded at around 2 o’clock due to the sensor fouling on the rear housing, the other 5 cylinder egt bungs will be at around 1 o’clock, all will be the same distance from the flange plate..

my question is, can I run a straight type egt sensor in cylinder 3 and then the 90degree egt sensors in the other cylinders ?


can the 90degree egt sensors be sightly bent to clear the turbo or will that damage the internal sensor?


who makes/where can I purchase quality k type egt sensors (both 90 degree types and straight type )



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