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Mazda MX5 VVT


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9 hours ago, o_dd said:

I want you to tell me that the trigger offset is not known

The trigger offset is not known!  Hope that helps.


There are potentially 2 variations of the NC trigger pattern.  One uses the "MX5 VVTI" pattern as expected, offset is normally around 0 (but you should always confirm with a timing light).  The other has the cam signal inverted and uses the Suzuki swift V2 triggermode, the offset is unknown for that engine.


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Actually looking at it again I was party wrong in my last post, the NC uses the Mazda 3 or suzuki modes.  Your engine should use the MX5 VVTI trigger mode and the offset should be around zero.  4 teeth on the crank and 3 teeth on the cam.

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Thanks adam

I made the offset 0 but it was useless
I want to adjust it because the timing is off like the image
Changing the trigger offset value does not change the timing
I do not know why the timing does not change
Of course, it is memorized by ECU with return key and F4 key




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  • 2 weeks later...

I tried to run EVO Link (I-III) on MX5
But the result didn't work as it was in the past

When I connected my WRXLINK (7-9) it worked fine

But EVO Link (I-III) does not work properly
Is this a malfunction?
Does EVO Link (I-III) convert trigger input on the bottom board?

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EvoLink has might have issues if trying to control 4 coils as it has additional circuitry on the ignition 4 output. 

There is also a pulldown resistor on the Di1 input.

But as far as triggers go this should be fine.

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