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Knock Link (light) question


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I have recently installed one of the G4 Knock lights in my R33 Skyline. Firstly was just checking its normal  for the light to go through its sequence "dim blue, flashing blue then green" before the engine has actually started? Ie if you turn the ignition to on position (light powered) then happen to not start it very quickly itl be lit green before then engine has been turned over/ started? I know you could just turn the key straight to start and that would probably solve this just thought worth checking thats normal?

Also I get quite alot of red flashing light at random places. I suspect its interference or my engine is too mechanically noisey (built RB26)?! As the red light sometimes occurs at idle and or low rpm down shifts etc and not twice in the same place/rpm that I can identify really (except for idle). Fairly sure it is grounded correctly as I bought the link sensor and loom with it too. (Note: tuner tuned the car after light installed with his knock phones and still does it)

Thanks for your input,


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