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ECU Log - not logging?


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Hi, we participated in the Targa City Sprint in Perth over the weekend (2 separate drivers in the one car). The car ran great all weekend, and we were looking forward to examining our ECU logs to see how we can both improve.
Unfortunately, of the 8 runs we did, we only have two where the ECU has actually recorded. Total log time of 5mins 8 sec, with two 'sections'. 
Our ECU Log function is controlled by an illuminated switch (illuminated when 'on') on the dash wired to DI7, and each of us made sure it was 'on' before we started our run, and 'off' after we crossed the finish line. Each run was less than 2 minutes long, so we were nowhere near running out of log memory. I made sure I cleared ECU log memory before the event, and I checked the usage afterwards, and it is only 4%.
Does anyone have any ideas why the ECU decided not to log?
We have never had this sort of behavior before - it has always been really reliable.
Just to check that the wiring to DI7 is still intact, I checked runtime status, and DI7 is active each time the switch is pushed.
Is there any chance that the logging did work, but we just can't see it, and there is some other way of retrieving the data?
I have included a shot of our ECU Logging setup below.

ECU log settings.jpg

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When going to retrieve the log is it with the engine running or stopped? 

We have seen cases where the logging has been working but PC link has not picked it up for some reason and other cases where it has not started.

The best results seem to be if you set the logging to latch on based on a input triggering a virtual Aux.  

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Hi Simon,
the engine was not running when I extracted the log file. We've been burnt before having log files corrupted when attempting to download whilst the engine was running, so I always make sure the engine is off now.
I'll try setting up connecting DI7 to au Aux, and then triggering logging from that.
Is there a 'ECU Logging active' parameter within the ECU that I may be able to use to drive a Digital Output? If so, I could use that to drive the LED in my switch - so we could actually confirm that the ECU was logging.

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