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hard cut and limit mode questin

Guest rt1092

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Guest rt1092

I want to be able to sit on the starting line with the throttle wide open, but the launch control holding the motor at 3000 rpms.

I've gotten the button to arm mode when pressed.

My settings are now.

Launch mode (mode 2), Fuel trim table (off), Ign retard mode (single zone)ign retard mode (degrees), DI speed channel (1) activation control (DI #1), Launch rpm (3000), disarming speed (60) Ign trim activation (50 %), Ign trim activation (100 rpms), arming time (0 seconds), launch ign trim (0 degrees), launch control status On (armed when button is pressed), Limit mode (ign % cut) advanced mode (off), Hard limit (off), cut effect (adaptive), limit range (200 rpms), hard limit activation (0 rpms) , end cut (100 %), start cut tp 100% (60%), start cut tp low (0%), tp low (0 %tp), exit decay rate (5 % /20ms)

I plan on going to the track tomorrow afternoon to do some testing. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Make sure you have firmware that supports the latest revlimiter. If in doubt update to 4.7.1.

Use the settings below. Do not select ignition cut if the engine has a turbocharger. Very dangerous for the turbocharger and engine.

If you want it softer then this, then turn on advanced mode and set the control range to 400 rpm.


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