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evo 7 trigger help


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hi everyone,

I'm about to embark on my first major standalone ecu project. I'm designing an engine harness for a evo 7 using a link g4+ fury ecu and will be tuning the ecu also.

I have one little issue which i cant seem to wrap my head around. the OEM evo cam and crank sensor both have a 12V+ supply.

what i'm trying to figure out is do i ground using the sensor ground pin or the power ground pin (if its the power ground pin to i splice close to the ecu or at the end closer to the star earth on the block)?

i'm using twisted shielded cable for both sensors. the braid of the shielded should be connected to shield ground?



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2 hours ago, Adamw said:

Typically the trigger grounds and shields will all be spliced together near the ecu and terminated to the shied/gnd pin.  

thanks Adamw. just to be clear i could ground the sensor to the same pin as the shields?

also, can the evo 7 Vehicle speed sensor be connected using the same logic? ie ground using a sensor ground even thou it is a 12V sensor

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From the help file:




Yes, you can do the speed sensor the same way.  Also, for the trigger wiring it is fine to have the +12V in the same 3 core shielded cable.  It is just drawn this way as the Link looms only have 2 core shielded cable for the triggers.

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