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R33 GTR G4+ Fuel pressure sensor calibration


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Hoping that someone has had a similar issue with the calibration of fuel pressure sensors for use with a G4+

Ive created custom calibration settings to use with the sensors as in the link below.


Using the calibration data supplied with the sensors,I am obtaining a fuel pressure value of 1470 kPa with the igntion on the engine not running.

I would be expecting to obtain a fuel pressure value of 345 kPa with the ignition on the engine not running.

Base fuel rail pressure has been set to 50psi with a gauge of known quality and double checked with another gauge,with the engine running and vacuum to the regulator removed. This is direct at the regulator and the sensor is fitted to this location.

The sensor has been swapped with another of the exact same and the value is the same at 1470 kPa.

I have attached the current PCL file from the ECU.

If anyone could have a review of the calibration settings I have created for CAL 4 and provide some information of where I am going wrong that would be awesome!



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First thing, your fuel pressure is going to be gauge pressure not absolute - so your 0.5 & 4.5v values should be 0 & 1035kpa, not +100 like you currently have, but this isn't your problem.

Can you change anV8 to "voltage 0-5V" and check what it shows as the input voltage? Something isnt adding up here...

To get a reading of 1470kpa you would need an input voltage of ~5.8v, but you have "error high" set as 4.95v so ~5.8v would show as an error value. Your last run stats on that pclr file confirm that it is indeed showing 1470kpa on anv8, but also that it considers that input to be within normal range. 

Assuming the voltage input is 1.75-2v as expected, try using a different cal table (7-10) and see if its a bug.

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Appreciate the response from everyone,thank you.

Issue was a difference in the terminal layout for the sensor.

Sensors were new and the wiring in the connector didnt match,change the terminal layout to suit and all rectified.

The TI calibration works excellent,thanks Adam.

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