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#NGTR+ Plug in Brantz BR3 Speed Sensor


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Hi guys,

Running into issues trying to get my Brantz BR3 speed sensor to register w/ my G4+.  Sensor is a 3-wire: Red (12V switched) Black (GND) and White (Digital Signal).  I am running a Wiring Specialties Pro harness and have had a 2 wire lead for speed sensor built into the trans portion of the harness.  Ground and Signal are currently going to the built in plug, Pin 53 and ??? GND, with the 12V going to switched power.  When monitoring run time values and manipulating the sensor I do not get any readings and the input shows as OFF.

I have tried to switch pull-up resistor ON/OFF and Rising/Falling but so far no luck.  Could be not spinning it fast enough by hand but it's 4 pulses per rotation so id figure I would get at least some sort of blip or signal.  

DI 3 (pin 53) is set to GP Speed.

Any insight or help would be appreciated, new to this.


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Just stumbled across this thread and it looks like it might workaround the erratic R32 GT-R speed input problem.

Did you have any joy with that sensor in the end ?  I've seen they do another style of sensor (BR3-HG-2) which looks like it could be used with the R32 GT-R speedo cable driving the dash still. 


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