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Electrical interference?

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This is from the manual..

Two 2Ω fuel injectors are wired to an injection channel each with a 4.7Ω ballast resistor, the battery voltage is 12V.

What is the effective impedance of each fuel injector?

Effective Injector Impedance = Injector Impedance + Ballast Resistance

= 2Ω + 4.7Ω

= 6.7Ω

How much current will each injector draw?

Max Injection Current = Battery Voltage / Effective Injector Impedance

= 12V / 6.7Ω

= 1.79 A

How much current will flow into the injection channel (drive current)?

Drive Current = Injector 1 Current + Injector 2 Current + Injector 3 Current + …

= 1.79 + 1.79

= 3.58A

Based on this you need a 4.7 ohm 50w resistor each pair of injectors. Mouser or Digikey would sell them.

wouldnt it be



being that im using 3 injector pairs?

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Guest |591|
You have three 2.2 ohm injectors per output...!!!.. :shock:

You need to be using a V88 or 12 ohm injectors.


no no no. lol 3 pairs of injectors, not pairs of 3.

2 injectors per pair, i thought you were saying for each pair it was 1.79A and i saw only 2 injector pairs being added up.

I see now after reading the fine print though, you meant for each driver there is 1.79A for each pair.

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