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Boost solenoid staying powered on, key off


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This is my first time wiring in an ECU,
Link G4 storm
Using very little of the factory harness to interact with the ecu, Aftermarket coil set up wired in direct - IGNA1 and injectors (if that info helps)

I read a lot through the documentation but am having real trouble with some power back feeding issue.
Initially I wired up my relay box with all relays GND on 85, and triggered on pin 86, I found I had a backfeeding issue - Car started perect, ran perfect but drained battery due to leaving everything powered on.

I rewired it so all relays had their own trigger (blue going to each 86 pin) - Spliced the ecu key on trigger, found the car did not want to run - behaved very different to previous wiring config.

So I wired it back to how I had it originally, ECU power triggering the remaing 5 relays but switched the remaing 5 relays GND and trigger pins to be as pictured below.
I have isolated ( I believe) it to be my boost solenoid keeping my Wideband, coils on - Ecu seems to power down on the link software but havent confirmed.
Steps to confirm 
- If i pull boost soli relay - everything turns off,
- If i pull the fuse for it, everything turns off

I am really confused to how I can resolve this ive read quite a few forum posts on similar same issues.
I just can't wrap my head around it , Could anyone offer any advice?
I am thinking just spicing the key on position and running it direct to the boost solenoid relay? But am worried the issue might be more elaborate.
Please let me know if you need more detail


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I had a similar issue. The ground triggers from the ecu switch to ground when you key off so all items that are hot key off will see a ground signal. I fixed by adding a 125amp ignition switch triggered relay that powers my guess box. That kills the 12v to every solenoid when I key off. 

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