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G4+ Thunder to Racepak IQ3 with EFIVIPEC module ?


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I have a G4+ thunder and a old Racepak IQ3 that came from a car with a old VIPEC, it has a VM 230 EFIVIPEC module, which if my googling is correct is not a CAN interface, its serial. The plug on the EFIVIPEC module plugs into the thunder(has 2 serial/CAN ports?)

I saw a post on here where someone was using Racepak serial thing with a Fury, and i have tried to set Datastream to requested short and 57600 baud....doesn't seem to work !

Can what i'm doing be made to work ? ....without buying the Generic EFI Racepak module ?

What exactly are the 2 round ports on the thunder ? was hoping if this works i can have laptop and Racepak communicating at the same time. ?





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The Vipec adapter being serial based will not allow PC coms at the same time. 

Top port is the USB coms (which piggyback of the serial coms) 

The lower port is Serial and CAN depending on what wires are in use. 

Try with the data stream mode on off. 



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4 hours ago, oversteer said:

I assume if i install a switch on the dash cable i can flick it off to connect with PCLink rather than pulling plugs ?

Is there any disadvantage to running the dash this way rather than CAN ?

That should work provided the switch is quite close to the ECU.  If the serial wires are any longer than about 200mm it will affect the PC comms (even with nothing connected to them).  It will need to be a double pole switch so that both the Rx & Tx gets disconnected.  

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