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Lambda not matching runtime values


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Hi guys, 

I’m having a small issue, I have recently changed my wideband controller due to my innovate one giving up. I have calibrated the new one using Cal6 and it’s all working fine. The only problem I’m having is that the runtime values for Lambda 1 are not the same as the actual lambda readings. 


Now this wouldnt usually bother me but me but I have the link MXS dash and that shows the runtime value not the actual lambda reading... so as you can imagine it’s all over the place. 

I have attached a small video (hopefully it works!) 

Anyone any advice on how to sort this? 




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I suspect you have 2x inputs configured as lambda1, one of them is dicsonnected or in error state of ~32:1 lean, and the "Lambda1 AFR" number in runtimes is the average of both.

Your gauge down the bottom says "AN2 lambda" on it so the sensor connected to AN2 is showing 14.5:1 which I assume is correct. Check you config for another AN input also configured as lambda 1 and change it to off/lambda2/figure out why its stuck in error state

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