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Table Allocation Error: Running out of 3D tables?


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Currently running a Link Storm on a 6 cylinder engine. Recently added water/meth into the setup and since adding in 4D tables for fuel/ignition/boost etc I seem to have hit some sort of 3D table limit. 

So once I have hit this limit, any further functions that I enable on the ECU are available, minus their appropriate tables.

To get around this, I then have to disable some other 3D tables that I can live without or work around, then re-add the new function I wish to add, and then it will add it's appropriate default 3D tables. 

This issue is rather annoying as I'm only about 80% done implementing all the logic I wanted for various control systems. I'm guessing this is a hardware constraint rather than a software restriction.

So, what is the maximum allotment on 3D tables for a Link Storm? If I were to upgrade to an Extreme  or even a Thunder, would I run into the same issue? Does each ECU have a varied amount of available 3D tables?


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