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R33 Skyline Link G4+ install


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Having a few issues with connecting to my Link G4+. I attach the ecu harness header and will come up under device manager in my computer, but will not prime fuel pump or anything else. I haven't wired in anything else except for plugging the ecu in. 

I have made sure the microswitches on the board are correct as per start guide. Any ideas? If I plug the Powerfc back in, everything works. 

Also, using PCLink with updated drivers it will not connect to ECU. Must be something I'm doing wrong. 

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Is the device coming up as "Link Engine Management USB ECU" with a COM port assigned to it? Is the driver version

Also has the ECU been unlocked? I'm not sure if it also applies to the plug and play models but its worth checking out

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What model plug-in is it?  It sounds like it is not powered up, if you pull the lid off the case, do you see an LED glowing on the top board when ign is on?

Edit: just answered my own question by reading the title lol.  The rest of my comment still applies though - confirm it is powered up by looking for the light.  If not powered up, one problem I have seen before on skylines is the connector not seated properly - even though the centre bolt is done up all the way sometimes the ends of the connector can bend out.

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