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Subaru WRX 2004 with link ecu 44s


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Hello guys,

My best friend have subaru wrx 2004 with link ecu 44s and he lost the cd. I try to help and install pclink v3.40 to laptop with windows xp. comlink connect to pc with printer cable.

I install the drivers after pclink v3.40 but no way to connect pc to comlink....

Maybe I need a cable usb to serial?

Is pclink v3.40 the right software? and what drivers needed for xp windows?

Can anyone help?


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The 44S ecu is a G1 based ECU so I have moved your post to the G1 section.  You will find the manual for the PossumLink 44S in the section at the top labelled "G1 Manuals".

You will need to use PC Link V2.5 for this ECU.

Im pretty sure the G3 drivers should work ok with the Comlink so check in device manager that the comlink shows up under Ports - COM & LPT.  Note from memory the Comlink must be assigned to comport COM1-9.  If it is not looking happy in device manager then post back and I will find a driver that should work.

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3 hours ago, Adamw said:

You said you had already installed V3.4, so the driver should already be installed?  Is the comlink showing up in device manager or not?

Yes, I install v3.4 and then the drivers. In device manager the comlink showing up, but is completely yellowish.

Also in device manager the com & lpt port, does not appear. I will check it in bios and I will try to another laptop with windows 7...

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Hi again,

The laptop with win xp has problem with com port...

I try to another laptop with win7, install v3.4 with drivers and then the v2.5. the comlink does not connect with laptop. cant find drivers.


Adamw, is it possible to find drivers?

I would be grateful !!


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