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RPM shoot up

Tjung Chi

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I am not sure whether this has something to do with Link G4+ or not. My car is honda accord H22A manual with turbo, and I am using the Link G4+ PnP (Civiclink). Now the problem is after driving for a while (about 1 hour) in a highway, the problem is in when I releasing the clutch by stepping it, and also not stepping the accelerator as well, the RPM keeps increasing, instead of decreasing, maybe around from 3000 rpm, can keep increasing up to more than 5000 rpm. Sometimes, with the clutch in, but not step on the accelerator, the car can keep running with a steady rpm.

What wrong is this?

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Do you have a log of this happening, or any afr/boost/temp gauges so you can tell us if any engine parameters look wrong at the same time?

easy places to start are 

1) is your throttle blade or throttle cable stuck?

2) is your idle air valve stuck open?

might be a little more work

3) is your wastegate jammed?

4) spray brake cleaner/starting fluid at the *outside* of the intake manifold near any joints (to the engine, brake booster hose, etc) and see if the rpm changes - might be an intake leak.

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