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Hello, I tuned an evo 6 yesterday but I can not enable launch control because of ecu did not see the driven wheel speed to diasrm at 10kmh.. So today I tried to make it button active but I can not make it. How should  I make the wiring for  momentary launch control switch. Let's assume one cable in to the switch and one goes do DI3 and I set it as a General Purpose Input. Should I connect the wire to ground or 12v ? And what should be Input Latch, Pullup resistor, On level and Active edge?  Sorry I tried to read the wiring in Link pc software and make but I couldn't. I tuned to many hondas with hondata but they are plug in ecu and no input output so I'm not good with wirings and setting inputs and outputs.

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14 minutes ago, Richard Hill said:

Assuming a NO switch then one pin to DI, other pin to ground, input latch off, pullup on, on level low, active edge falling.  Hold button down for launch and release to de-activate.





Thank you very much for reply. I just order a proper momentary button and when I tried I will let you know and if someone needs later. 

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