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Tune file corruption


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I have been noticing file corruption happen several times, but I haven't nailed down exactly when it happens. PCLink doesn't show any errors when opening the file. This was the sequence today when I noticed corruption. I have been using Google Drive to sync files between my desktop and laptop - I feel like this may be the source of the problem. 

- At 12:27 PM I save a tune file on  my desktop and it's uploaded to google drive

-At 5:06 PM I start my laptop up and it updates the tune file on my hard drive. I then connect to the ECU in the car (PC link opens current tune file loaded on ECU) then select file>open>saved tune file. I then store the tune and hit save (F2). 

I have both of those tune files attached. The tune file from 5:06PM has at least a few tables corrupted. I do not know if the corruption occurred during file update from Google Drive, or upon connecting with the ECU. 

Before: Cal 10 Table



After Cal 10 Table:



 Before 5D Fuel:


After 5D Fuel:


Before Boost Target 1


After Boost Target 1



There might be more corrupted tables, but that's what I've found so far. Here's the weirdest part: After storing the tune from 5:06pm on the ECU and driving the car, The ECU is still pulling the original values from the 5D fuel and Boost target tables, despite the corrupted values being shown in the tune.  This is not the case for the CAL 10 table, for which the ECU is actually using the corrupted value (showiing 1000% instead of 100%). 

Part of the same problem seems to be corruption on Virtual Aux 8, which has occurred multiple times and apparently also before 12:27pm today. I have both values set as 220kpa, but during curruption, they change to 22.0 (unitless). I am not able to get units to show again unless I change the input channel and then change it back. This does effect ECU function- The virtual aux activates at 22kpa instead of 220 kpa. This has really thrown me for a loop before. 


OK, so that's a pretty big mess all over. I know the obvious answer is to try to stop using Google Drive, which I will. But it doesn't seem likely to me that Google drive could solely be corrupting the file consistently like this. so I'm interested in hearing some ideas. 





E28 0506pm (laptop).pclr E28 1227pm.pclr

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That's one possibility ruled out. 

You can also use the compare function to check the maps 

If you were to connect to the ECU first and save map. Then jump of line from ECU and open and compare the just saved and the going to be loaded map and check any differences are as expected.

Then load to ECU and see if any change once stored and then power cycled.

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I have disabled the sync from Google Drive and ruled that out. I spent a couple days tuning, many uploads to the ECU without issue. Then randomly the values in Virt Aux 8 changed again. I know the day before, the values were 220 kpa. Next morning, I connect to ECU (load ECU tune to PCLink). Then I compare to the tune file on my PC. Screenshot shows that the value stored on the ECU tune is 22.0 (unitless) and on the PC is 220.0 (unitless). 


This is hard to track because I have many uploads to the ECU without issue and then it occurs randomly. I'm still not sure if the problem is originating in the ECU or PCLink. My inkling is that the tune file is changed when it is being uploaded to the ECU. It is very frustrating because I have this virtual aux set to pull fuel when WI is active and the corrupted lower value is making it come in at other times and throwing me for a loop. I am going to try using a different Virtual Aux slot to see if that changes anything.

I attached my current tune. 




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I made a duplicate Virtual Aux on VA6 and started using that one. Since then, VA8 has still been getting corrupted but VA6 is not. Seems like it is only an issue with VA8. However, that doesn't really explain the overall corruption that occurred affecting multiple features that one time.

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