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Aux output always sent out 12v+


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Hi guys, I set my Aux out 4 to GP out to be my shift light trigger.
My wiring setting as attached picture, 
I use a 5P relay and it should active when link G4+ send GND signal.

But Aux out wire always send 12v+ high voltage even the trigger condition is achieving.

I also try set Aux out to Test ON, and it still always sent 12v+

Does any one can help me to slove this issue?

Thanks for your help. 

shift light.jpg

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have you set the output to polarity Low? Also how are you testing the ECU output? if the rest of the circuit is wired up you will see 12v on the output wiring because the voltage is passing through the relay to the ECU. Measuring anywhere along the live circuit will show 12v, you need to measure the ECU output at pin 86 with the relay removed.

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I saw Aux4 in expansion connector 1 from manual (as picture attached).

I  cut the power 12v+ (relay pin85) and measure the voltage between "Aux 4" pin (from expansion connector1) and chasis ground, the meter shows 10v no matter Aux4 is OFF or ON (stasis shows in PCLink)

Could you please help me to make sure the Aux 4 in manual is correct or not?



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Sorry for the slow reply, I have just had a chance to take a closer look.  I think I found the problem after taking a look at some schematics.  The manual shows two variations of expansion connector pinout, one for PCB upto V1.4 and one for "from V1.5".

However, there are actually 3 variations.  V1.5 was a unique one different to the earlier and later ones.  The one you posted above should say "from V1.6".

Here is the correct pinout for your V1.5 bottom board:



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Hi Adamw

Thanks for your info.

As your picture shows the pin at expansion connector 1 is "DI10" not "Aux4"

I thought the DI 10 is at pin 46 ( infomation from the wrong version manual), so where is my Aux4 pin?

Could your please provide me the correct manual incl. pin-out information? I think I should check all my wiring and setting.

BTW, there is "PCB V1.4" painted on my PCB, but there also has a white sticker show "PCB REV 1.5" and my serial number.
May I confirm that my ECU version is V1.5 right?


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The version that we are interested in is for the bottom board the one with the serial on it refers to the top-board.

On the later boards where Aux 9 and 10 were brought out to the XS header, aux 4 is not wired as it has to be free for the use of Aux 9 to do E throttle.

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