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Gen 1 Ford Zetec Coil Pack Settings


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Hi I'm having an issue with my car misfiring at load recently and its made me revisit the ignition settings.

I've got an unbranded Gen 1 Ford Zetec wasted spark coil pack which im driving with a bosch 200 style ignition amplifier. Car was mapped to 184 hp at the hubs 3 months ago and has been driving fine, dyno owner did mention that my dwell time looked a bit long but I'm having a tough time finding the data.



I'm wondering if perhaps anyone had the correct settings for this coil pack? I've got the following settings

  • Ignition Mode: Wasted Spark
  • Spark Edge: Falling (I think this should perhaps be rising? has been set to falling for a while and works so not sure)
  • Dwell Mode: ms
  • Ignition Delay: 50 us
  • Spark Duration: 1ms
  • Max Advance: 40.0 BTDC

Current Dwell Table: 



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Your ignition settings are all ok.

Your dwell table looks abut right, maybe a little on the weak side.  As a test put 3.0 in all the cells I highlighted below to see if the misfire goes away.

Make sure the centre pin of the ignitor has a solid ground back to the engine block.

Are you sure it is an ignition problem - are there any trigger errors or anything else showing in the log?


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Great, I'll give that a go.

No triggering errors in the logs I have, I'll make that change and take some new logs hopefully that will fix it.

I'll double check the wiring. It's a bit of an intermittent fault, happens more often in lower gears. Car starts backfiring and losing power which i assume is an ignition problem but I'm not sure so just thought I would double check I had the right ignition/dwell settings to rule that out.

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