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Flex Fuel Blends Calculations

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I'm looking to run E30-E40. I don't have enough injector or pump to go full E85, so I won't be tuning the second fuel at full strength for the tables to extrapolate between in the blend table.

The Link help files give all of the fuel density, stoich ratios, etc for E85.

So lets say E30 is going to be my second fuel would I tune the car on E30 and set up the Multi Fuel Blend Ratio Table so that everything over E30 is at 100% and leave the known ethanol properties in the multi fuel table.


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On 9/30/2019 at 2:42 AM, Adamw said:

30% eth @9:1 with 70% petrol @ 14.4:1 would give you a stoichiometric ratio of about 12.78:1.

Density will be about 0.758.

Hey adam, i’m in a similar boat but i’m running  60% mix. How did you calculate this? i’m currently switching to modelled mode from traditional and i don’t know what to set as the stoich ratio/density for my fuel

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